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Watch Tracker AM4 Watch Tracker AM4
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Brand: iHealth
Activity, Swimming and Sleep Monitoring - iHealth AM4 WaveSwimming, more movement, better sleep.IHealth AM4 Wave is a fitness tracker that is with you all day long.Wake up calmly to a positive day. Motivate yourself by viewing your results directly on the screen and finish the day on a positive note..
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Oximeter PO3M Oximeter PO3M
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Brand: iHealth
Smart Device: Pulse + Oximeter - iHealth PO3MCheck oxygen saturation and pulse.SpO2 and pulse measurements are useful for patients with chronic illnesses, such as asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), in order to get a quicker picture of how serious their condition is.The Health PO..
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Brand: iHealth
This device is designed for maximum comfort with using lancet during blood collection...
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Brand: iHealth
iHealth Gluco, a smart glucometer (BG5S-kit)Control your blood sugar level with or without a smartphone.We have developed iHealth Gluco's Blood Glucose Calculator, integrated it with Bluetooth technology to make connecting with your smartphone even easier. iHealth Gluco +, intended for diabetics, me..
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Brand: iHealth
Wrist Pressure Machine, Compact, Cheap, Convenient...
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Blood Pressure KN-550BT Blood Pressure KN-550BT
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Brand: iHealth
Smart blood pressure monitor, easy for everyone!Our new iHealth KN-550BT Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to be easy to use, with or without a smartphone.Measuring blood pressure has never been so easy!Your blood pressure in 3 colors...
Ex Tax:$120.00
Brand: iHealth
Blood Pressure Monitor - iHealth BP7S View.Control blood pressure anytime, anywhere. iHealth BP7S View monitors wrist blood pressure, measures heart rate and arrhythmias...
Ex Tax:$230.00
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